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Welcome to Cassidy Financial Services, LLC

Cassidy Financial Services, LLC is a full service financial services and insurance firm. We offer investments and investment advisory services through registered representatives and financial advisors of Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. Our goal is to help our clients attain financial freedom with confidence and certainty. We accomplish this task by assisting our customers in critical financial areas. The accumulation of assets, the protection of those assets and the effective distribution of attained wealth are just a few examples where our knowledge can support achieving your goals. In order to meet the unique requirements of each client, personal attention and consistent communication are imperative.

Accumulating assets through your company’s retirement plan or on an after tax basis is essential in order to meet your retirement goals. It is critical to take into account the risk tolerance YOU have for investing.  Understanding how you might react to the increase or decrease in your assets will assist us in creating the right portfolio for you. With this knowledge, we can implement the appropriate asset allocation strategy specifically to meet your needs. Asset allocation allows us to diversify your assets among multiple asset classes so we will be able to take advantage of current market conditions.

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Protecting what you have accumulated is vital. Nobody enjoys paying for insurance, until the time comes to utilize it. In dealing with not only the market, but general life events, there is no telling when the insurance may come into play. There is no timing the need for insurance, so what we will help with is appropriately planning for each of your needs. This is a critical factor in creating a sound financial plan.

After you’ve done the work of accumulating assets as well as protecting them, we must understand how to distribute them back to you. There are a variety of vehicles that may be utilized to distribute your assets back to you. The key is to understand which of these will be most efficient for you. Retirement income planning will allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labor when you need to the most.

As you can see there are many moving parts within a comprehensive financial strategy. These few aspects are just the beginning of a solid foundation to attaining your goals. We understand the emotion and importance of the decisions you will be making. Our destination is simple, yet the journey may provide opportunities as well as the need for change. That is why clear, concise and consistent communication is a trademark of our firm. At Cassidy Financial Services, LLC we look forward to assisting you in attaining your financial freedom with confidence and certainty.

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